What are we looking for in a US President?

January 23, 2012   |  

That’s the question we ask ourselves every four years but I wonder how often we actually find an answer. Perhaps the problem with the question is that we haven’t properly posed the question in identifying what the qualities of a leader are and must have.

According to Dr J Rufus Fears, a Classics professor at the University of Oklahoma, we don’t need or want a politician for President but a statesman instead. Using world history, he explains what distinguishes a statesman from being just a politician. It comes down to four qualities. A statesman must have:

1) a bedrock of principles

2) a moral compass

3) a vision

4) the ability to create a concensus to achieve that vision

The difference between being a good or great leader and being a bad or evil leader is the ommission of one (or more) of these qualities. So the real question in looking for a US President is, does he/she have all four of these qualities? And if so, which one has the better track record?

The first problem I see is that none of us really know what our candidates principles are. I blog about this every Sunday here on Freedom Bunker. But for this blog, let’s just pretend all of the candidates have a bedrock of principles, including Obama, and let’s focus on the other three qualities.

Newt Gingrich. As Speaker with his Contract with America, he has proved that he can provide a vision and build a concensus to achieve his vision. My problem with Newt is I don’t know what is his new vision for America really is? And I question his moral compass. As our very own Right Girl calls him, OLD UNFAITHFUL! His adultry is one thing but his past ties to special interest groups is valid concern in determing his moral compass.

Mitt Romney. Him being a Mormon, I’m sure he has a good moral compass. As a businessman, a governor and a private citizen, he has proved he can build a concensus to achieve a vision. Assuming he has a bedrock of principles, I leave myself wondering what his vision is. I honestly don’t know what his vision is. We need more than campaign speeches saying, “I’m not Obama.”

Ron Paul. He certainly had a moral compass and, without any doubt, he has a vision. Not that everyone agrees with his vision, but I believe most Americans do. I think the problem most Americans have with Ron is they aren’t too sure if he can build a concensus to achieve his vision. Is he a leader who can make things happen?

Regardless of who wins the GOP, he still has to run against Obama. Assuming Obama has a bedrock of principles (which I don’t think he has) he isn’t a statesman either. Right, wrong or indifferent, morals are always defined by society itself. Morals do vary from nation to nation and from time to time. Obama’s faithfulness to his wife and kids doesn’t mean he has a good moral compass because obviously he has other morals that just are not American. This we have all learned about him during his term in the White House.

Obama didn’t let anyone know his vision until after he was elected and even then, he never laid it out. Instead, he began sticking it to us one piece at a time. As his vision unfolded, Americans realized his vision was based on immoral principles with an immoral compass (as being American values, principles and morals).

Congress and the media gave Obama a free pass to achieve his vision. But as it unfolded his concensus (the ability to get things done) began to fall apart. Even before we Americans took away his lower House, Congress had already began distancing themselves from him and his vision. Obama lost his ability to make his vision (or any vision) become a reality.

Without a doubt, Obama is finished. Although he compares himself with some of our greatest American statemen, he’ll never be one simply because he lacks the qualifications. But…

Are we really going to elect another President without knowing what his principles are?

Are we really going to elect another President who lacks an American moral compass?

Are we really going to elect another President without knowing what his vision is?

Are we really going to elect another President who lacks the ability to achieve a vision?

I look at the GOP lneup and wonder if we’ve learned anything at all.

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