The Ultimate Case of Workplace Politics

January 25, 2012   |   Tags: , ,

I just read an interesting article about how the Boston Bruins’ goalie was benched in their most recent game. He was benched because he refused to grandstand for Dictator Obama.

Of course, the lamestream media came out in protest of this action. How dare this rube stand against the tyranny of an imperial President. What is he trying to do – think?

The writer went on to hit just about every point on the head with this article. He mentions that war veterans are often paraded at NHL events to drum up support for the aggressions of our Government. I’ve often thought this myself with sports leagues in general. Why else have I had Blackhawk helicopters and war planes fly over my head at NFL games before? The answer is because they know that millions of people are watching and already in a patriotic mood (for their team) – what better time to cash in and advertise!

Remember, you are free to think whatever the establishment wants you to think.

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