Gingrich The Tea Party Pick? Seriously.

January 27, 2012   |  

I’m on all the mailing lists, libertarian, conservative, Tea Party etc – and I got this email from the Tea Party folks saying that the decision has been made to endorse Newt Gingrich for President. Has anyone told John Boehner? I thought he was sweet on Ron Paul. But I digress. Seems like instead of voting FOR someone, those in leadership at the Tea Party have decided to just go with the “electable anti-Romney” (Newt) as opposed to the “un-electable anti-Romney” (Rick or Ron) – I thought that the Tea Party was most focused on economic issues, and if they were, Ron Paul would be the best choice.

Like I’ve said before: I think any of those folks on stage would be like 1000 times better than our current Idiot-In-Chief (except for Santorum – why is he always so freaking angry? I think he has some anger management issues) but my issue with Professor Big Ideas is that sometimes big ideas need big government in order to happen. And we don’t need any more of that.

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