Obama avoids drug questions during Google+ hangout

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On Monday, President Obama participated in a Google+ video forum where he responded to questions from potential voters that were submitted via YouTube and the White House website.

Among the 20 most popular questions on YouTube, 18 concerned the War on Drugs and legalization of marijuana. President Obama failed to address any drug-related issues, and instead, stuck to topics like unemployment and foreign policy.

In 2008, Obama voiced his support for medicinal marijuana, claiming that he would not prosecute doctors who prescribed marijuana for medicinal purposes. In 2004, he dubbed the War on Drugs an “utter failure” and stated that the United States should rethink its approach to drug policy.

However, under the Obama administration, the feds have continued raids on medical marijuana dispensaries in California, where state law permits them to operate.

In other news, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul seems to have picked up an endorsement from rapper Snoop Dog.

[Note: As a medical professional, Dr. Paul does not encourage “smoking weed every day.” He does encourage the idea of individual liberty.]

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