A high school lesson in the free market

February 1, 2012   |  

All these healthy school initiatives are a warm, liberal, fee

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l-good endeavor to make meddling politicians feel like all their pay and interference is accomplishing something. As it turns out, it’s not:

Healthy foods mean plummeting profits for cafeterias as students head to the nearest fast-food outlet instead of buying the low-fat offerings now mandated on the menu at school.

The revenue losses — estimated to be as high as 30 per cent — are prompting cafeteria operators to question whether they can make enough money serving school boards under the province’s tough new nutrition rules.

“Students are voting with their feet,” said Catherine Fife, president of the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association, which has been tracking the impact of the rules that came into effect last fall.

Apparently kids are running out for Big Macs and fried chicken instead of eating the kale mush on offer at the school caf.

I wonder if the educators realise they’re teaching these kids a lesson on free market economics? Or if, when they realize they aren’t getting their way, they’ll just lock the doors and no longer allow students to leave campus before the 3 o’clock bell.

Sadly, I see the latter as being more likely.

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