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On Monday, in an attempt to court Ron Paul supporters, proposed an idea on its Facebook page:

This proposition was met with quite a bit of hostility from Ron Paul fans who scoffed at the idea of Congressman Paul joining forces with two people who they consider to be establishment, status quo candidates with fundamentally different principles than Dr. Paul.

This suggestion also raises the question, why would the Tea Party movement throw its support behind Newt Gingrich? The Tea Party was actually a grassroots initiative led by Paul supporters back in 2007 – a fact that many Tea Party activists in 2012 fail to acknowledge. Since then, individuals who wish to distance the Tea Party from Ron Paul have infiltrated the formerly pro-liberty initiative, and as a result, the Tea Party has become an appendage to the GOP establishment. is an non-profit organization operating out of Washington, D.C. Created in 2009, states on its website that “members share core principles supporting the United States Constitution as the Founders intended, such as: limited federal government, individual freedoms, personal responsibility, free markets, and returning political power to the states and the people”.

Members of the Tea Party still seem to pride themselves on resisting and taking down the Republican establishment, so why are they supporting a D.C. insider? Gingrich hardly conforms to the principles that claims to embrace.

As a congressman, Gingrich voted to create the Department of Education under the Carter administration, which substantially increased the size of the federal government. Gingrich also sponsored the Drug Importer Penalty Act of 1996 (H.R. 4170), which would’ve allowed for the execution of drug dealers had it been signed into law. He has also voiced support for a federal mandate requiring all Americans to purchase health insurance.

If Tea Party activists are truly committed to a platform of limited government, individual freedoms, and states’ rights, Newt Gingrich is not the candidate they should be endorsing.

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