Iran Blocks Nuclear Inspectors – Let’s Blow Them Off the Map!

February 3, 2012   |   Tags: ,

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Iran has blocked access to a suspected nuclear site, scientists and documents this week. This begs the question – so what?

The Obama Administration is sure to use this as fuel for their PR campaign to attack another country who doesn‘t play ball with the bankers. However, you won’t hear them mention some grim facts about the US Government’s own actions, such as these (according to the Brookings Institution):

  • 67,500 nuclear missiles have been built in US history
  • 4,680 nuclear bombers have been built by the US
  • At it’s peak, the US had 32,193 nukes
  • The US land area covered by nuclear bases and facilities is larger than Washington DC, Massachussetts and New Jersey combined
  • The US has tested over 1,000 nuclear weapons

Also, the US is the only country to have ever used nukes in battle. Yeah, the pot is calling the kettle “Black.”

Get ready for the “Let’s not let the smoking gun be a mushroom cloud of destruction” speech. Also, get ready for the petrodollar to be reinforced in Iran – just like it was after Iraq switched to the Euro, was invaded and returned to the dollar.

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