Ohio Lawmakers Attempting to Ban Exotic Pets

February 3, 2012   |  

File this one under “Saw it coming from a mile away”.  Looks like the Ohio General Assembly doesn’t have enough real work to do, so one Republican state Senator is working on outlawing animals.

Last October, I wrote this post about how an Ohio man’s decision to release 48 dangerous exotic animals would not have been changed by having more laws on the books.  In fact, the man was already breaking multiple laws before he went nuts, broke a few more laws, and then finally killed himself.

Now, because of this loon, Ohio state Sen. Troy Balderson is proposing legislation to take away liberty from law abiding pet owners.  His bill would ban ownership of exotic animals for all civilians, and anyone already owning an exotic animal would have to abide by excessive restrictions to keep their pets.

Just another example of reactionary legislation that does nothing but take away personal liberty.

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