Should Ron Paul Drop Out?

February 6, 2012   |   Tags: , ,

Ron Paul finished in a close third-place in the Nevada Caucuses over the weekend. We’ll see how he does over the next few days in Colorado, Maine, Minnesota and Missouri, but his hopes of securing the Republican nomination are growing grim. According to Wikipedia, Paul currently sits in third place – 83 delegates behind frontrunner Mitt Romney.

Sure, Paul’s backup plan may be to pick up enough delegates to have a voice at the Republican Convention, but that is not good enough at this stage in US history. The US needs a significant change quickly, and hoping that his ideas catch on enough for a future candidate of similar beliefs to win may not get it done.

Dr. Paul has accomplished more for freedom than any US politician in modern history. However, it may be better for him to run as an Independent and go for the gold. Sure, his chances would still be very slim, but he’d be on the ballot in November. He’d give disenfranchised Democrats an excuse not to vote for Obama and the same goes for true conservatives who don’t support Romney.

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