This Article Can Only Be Satire

February 10, 2012   |  

I don’t think I’ve ever read anything on, and after seeing this article @RadleyBalko tweeted lamenting the rich for spending their money how they want, I know I haven’t been missing much.  Here an excerpt from the short little piece of nonsense:

The news of the day: America is poor, but wealthy people are still building themselves huge mansions. Is it wrong for someone to build an obscenely luxurious home for themselves with their own legally obtained money and means? Yes. It is wrong.

Some people think that if the money is legally made, it is the right of the moneymaker to use that money how they see fit, and it’s not anyone else’s business. Well, if you believe that you’re some sort of Randian libertarian, and you should not be reading this website. Most reasonable people accept the fact that society itself contributes greatly to the ability of rich people to gain and, crucially, hold wealth (that is, the rule of law that society enforces ensures that rich people don’t all immediately get robbed and guillotined, as has been the fashion at various points in history); therefore, rich people owe a great debt to society. More than others do.

After reading this article a couple times, I’ve come to the conclusion that it can only be satire.  The argument is so juvenile that it can only be meant to be taken as a joke.  A little rich hating, freedom hating, jealous rant at best.  There’s no way this person can actually be attempting to make a serious argument.

Then I scrolled down and read a couple comments, only to find that people are actually agreeing with the author.  Unbelievable.

I guess it’s just something a “Randian Libertarian” like myself will never understand.

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