Does Anyone Still Have Faith in the Republican Party?

February 15, 2012   |   Tags:

As various reports indicate that Ron Paul may have been ripped off in Maine, I am brought to the question that I’ve thought quite a lot lately – does anyone still have faith in the Republican Party?

Traditional conservatives were sold down the river long ago in favor of the neocon brand of Republican politics. The Party doesn’t seem to actually want to nominate a candidate who embodies the small-government beliefs that Republicans claim to represent, as they are doing everything in their power (including dirty tricks and outright cheating) to prevent Dr. Paul from winning.

Instead, the Republican Party is bent on nominating another elitist tool – Mitt Romney. He (or Gingrich or Santorum) would continue in the tradition of Bush, Dole, Bush Jr. and McCain as the chain of neocon nominees continues to grow.

So, without a Paul Presidency, my final connection to the Republican Party will be cut. Sure, I’ll consider their candidates, but I don’t expect to vote for 1 ever again – at least for President.

Have you lost most or all faith in the Republican Party, as well?

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