Germany is gonna get pissy

February 17, 2012   |  

I had the occasion back in November to go back to my hometown a

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nd visit a very old, dear friend of mine, A friend who happened to be a German d’un certain age. His late wife, for example, was a Nazi. (Yes, I know I’m a confirmed Zionist – but I believe in diversity and inclusion!)

As we caught up over copious amounts of coffee, he gave me a rather prophetic warning:

“Germany doesn’t like to pay other people’s bills. I won’t live to see it (he’s 85), but it won’t be long before we see them push back. And the world doesn’t like it when Germany pushes back.”

It was not displaced nationalism that led him to say such a thing; it was fear. Those that lived through it, that saw the horrors and deprivations, who lost family and friends… they do not want us doomed to repeat our history.

It looks like the Greeks, in a rather petulant manner, are coming to the same conclusion as my wise old friend.

I said, many years ago, that Germany and France had tried and failed on multiple occasions to take over Europe, and were now looking for a bureaucratic way to go about it: The Euro.

I was right. Let’s hope my old German wasn’t.

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