Four Types of Freedoms

February 19, 2012   |  

Freedom is often confused as being a universal value shared by all societies and nations. But the truth is not everyone wants our American values, including certain freedoms. There are four different types of freedoms, but since we Americans have all four of them guaranteed by our US Constitution, we tend to bundle them together as being one. The four types are:

1) National Freedom
2) Political Freedom
3) Individual Freedom
4) Spiritual Freedom

National Freedom simply means a nation’s freedom from foreign rule. Most societies, regardless of their culture, government or leadership, want this freedom and are more than willing to fight for it. Even if they know their king or dictator is an evil leader, they are still willing to fight for National Freedom. They say, “Yes, he might be a SOB but he’s our SOB.” Hitler and Stalin are perfect examples of this. Hitler fooled himself into thinking that Russians would rather have him than to continue following Stalin, the most ruthless and evil man ever. But Hitler should’ve looked in the mirror and ask why his people are following him.

However, there are some rare exceptions, but even then, National Freedom wasn’t the real issue. For example, take Alexander the Great. At first he was seen as a foreign invader and the Persians rallied behind their king. But as the earlier territories were conquered, the people saw that Alexander wasn’t changing anything as each territory was allowed to keep their local leaders, cultures, languages, religions, etc. Nor had they become subjects of Greece or see their wealth go elsewhere. The only real difference was they got a better and stronger king than their old one. The word on Alexander quickly spread and soon most towns welcomed him with open arms. The bottom line is that each regional society was allowed to keep their national identity, therefore, they had no reason to fight.

Political Freedom means the right of citizens to be actively involved in their government, often referred to as being a democracy or a republic. The truth is not everyone wants this freedom nor is willing to fight for it. Yet, we Americans are led to believe that everyone does. We have leaders who use this myth as an excuse to put our noses into places where it doesn’t belong.

Individual Freedom refers to just those individual rights and liberties guaranteed by law or a constitution. Some national leaders do grant their people some rights, choices and liberties but in reality these are gifts that can easily be taken away at any time.

Political and Individual Freedoms are not sought by eveyone. There are many nations and societies who really do believe that it’s their leader’s job to protect and take care of them, like any good father does for his family. In the ancient Egyptian language they didn’t have a word for freedom, because such an idea didn’t exist. The ancient Middle Eastern languages did have a word for slave but that meant anyone and everyone who wasn’t the king, including the king’s own family and his top men. This idea is still firmly rooted in many societies and, to be honest, they don’t want a change. However, they do expect their ruler to be fair and just. If they feel their leader is making bad immoral decisions then their only option is to revolt, kill their ruler and hopefully replace him with a better one.

Spiritual Freedom are those beliefs and thoughts which exists in the hearts, minds and souls of each individual. Such beliefs cannot be controlled, given, or taken away from anyone regardless of the kind of government or leadership a person lives under. This freedom has been taught throughout history by all the great spiritual leaders of every major religion and, therefore, is extemely deep-seeded. For any leader or society to think otherwise is absolutely foolish. However, history is full of stories of a ruler trying to control Spiritual Freedom. The Spanish Inquistion and Hitler’s death camps are just two prime examples. Some rulers have used Spiritual Freedom and religion to their advantage.

Italy was a young nation as the various states didn’t become unified until around 1870. The new Italian government took a lot of land and power away from the Catholic church and although most Italians were Catholic, they got away with it. Mussolini wasn’t a religious man but shortly after coming to power he and his family were baptised Catholic. In 1929 he made a treaty with the Pope, creating the Vatican as a seperate nation, paid the church for all lands unfairly seized by goevernment, and restored certain powers back to the church, especially those related to family and marriages. In return, the Pope recognized Mussolini’s power over Italy. This act made Mussolini extremely popular, not only in Italy but throughout the world. He was seen as a champion of the church. His people thought a man like him certainly couldn’t be evil.

Also interesting is the story of Constantine. Prior to him becoming Ceaser, persecuting Christians had reached its zenith. But rather than fighting the Christian movement, Constantine embraced it by making it the official religion of Rome and made himself head of church. Now he controlled both politics and religion. Next thing you know, it was the non-Christians getting slaughtered in the arenas. Under his direction, the New Testament was assembled and official doctrine was written. In a twist of fate, any Christian not accepting the new official doctrines were persecuted and butchered as well.

Our Founding Fathers understood these four freedoms and incorporated all of them into our Constitution. We became the first nation in modern times to have all four freedoms. Since then other nations have adopted freedoms for themselves. But there are some nations who just don’t want all four of these.

We also have people right here in the US who are trying to take away three of our four freedoms. You know who they are. As Americans, we each need to elect leaders who understands all four freedoms. We need leaders who will not only protect our guaranteed freedoms but also know what the people in the other nations really want.

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