The Republican Bath House

February 20, 2012   |  

My bonnet? Has a bee in it.

The Conservative Political Action

Conference – CPAC for short – was at the beginning of the month, and there was much sturm und drang about the youth movement, their choice of clothing, their social choices (hook-up culture) and how they were on all the old farts’ lawns.

Dr Melissa Clouthier wrote not one but two screeds about “kids these days,” thereby proving that a) she’s old and dry, and b) she doesn’t recall having been drunk and inappropriately dressed at another conference not three years ago.

Erick Erickson wrote about how shamefully responsible young CPAC boys are, what with their condom-buying habits and all.

Yet a year ago, when CPAC stirred the hornet’s nest over the GOProud sponsorship controversy, Melissa Clouthier pointed out that GOProud had some conservative principles, and should therefore be included in our big tent. (To his credit, Erick Erickson didn’t support their attendance.)

The way I see it, unless the Republicans are willing to move away from endless homosexual scandals, we should probably stop considering them “conservative” at all. Just this week we’ve seen a resignation from Romney’s team over gay nepotism of the kind once confined to the Barney Franks of the world.

If we want to have a Conservative Political Action Conference, let’s throw out not only the gays, but the goddam Republicans. Newt (who I love) is on his third marriage and second religion. Rudy Giuliani is on his 27th marriage and his 12th nurse. We have Republicans molesting page boys, hiking the Appalachian Trail, having wide stances in airports…

And then we have young, healthy, attractive, responsible college kids engaging in a bit of fun, for which dried up old harpies are jealously attacking them.

Not only is there something wrong with the Republican Party – there’s something dreadfully wrong with our “conservatives,” too. I wonder how Melissa and Erick feel about homosexual promiscuity and irresponsibility? Men having nameless sex with 10+ partners in one night, while high on amphetamines, often in a public place… when positioned against young college kids buying condoms for a post-CPAC hookup, I know who’s vacated chair I’d feel cleaner sitting in.

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