Is Iran Suicidal?

February 21, 2012   |  

Iran is building nukes and we must stop them now!

This is the conventional wisdom that is being shoved down our throats by the military-industrial complex and their lamestream media lapdogs. Iran has stated that their nuclear aspirations are for energy needs, but that is probably a lie.

My guess is that Iran is seeking to build nukes to defend itself. It has been estimated that they could only build a few, so that wouldn’t be nearly enough to take out Israel or strongly threaten the US. That would be similar to bringing a knife to a gun-fight, as Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons and the US has tens of thousands. Iran would be defeated rather quickly in an all-out war.

Perhaps the real reason for an imminent attack on Iran is that the establishment doesn’t want Iran to become a stronger player in the geopolitical game. They control a massive wad of oil and, with a few nukes, could balk at Western threats. In other words,  the bully is mad that the weaker kid is starting to lift weights and won’t be able to steal his lunch money much longer.

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