Romney/Paul 2012: Let’s Follow It Out

February 23, 2012   |  
Romney/Paul 2012: Let's Follow It Out

OK, so lets assume for a second that there is some kind of deal going down between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul – it’s pretty obvious now that they are working together in some way – especially after that last debate where they double teamed Santorum. This has been building over a while – and I noticed a really telling moment after the debate was over where Mitt was going over to shake Ron’s hand, he was all buddy buddy with him – way more buddy buddy than you think. My guess is that this is all about amassing the delegates – I think the Romney campaign figures, and rightly so, that as things drag on, and delegates are scattered around, that in the end, Romney will need Paul’s delegates in order to win. Additionally, its also likely that no one is interested in losing Paul’s supporters either, as we are a pretty enthusiastic group. So what are the probably outcomes, assuming that Romney and Paul are working together, what kind of payback are we getting for our allegiance with Obama Lite?

  1. Best possible outcome: Paul is tapped as Romney’s running mate. This gets us in as deep as we can probably get, and as long as Paul is allowed to influence policy at the highest level, and not be treated as the class clown like Biden is, then this would be a good outcome
  2. Instead of Ron Paul as running mate, Rand on the ticket. Not sure what I think of this – while Rand is definitely a chip off the old block, is he enough of a chip? Rand is not as radical as his dad, but radical is what we need right now
  3. Paul gets a really high level role on the economic side of the house, say for example Secretary of the Treasury, where he can really put the hammer down on the Fed. This would be pretty good, but not really good enough
  4. Some other high level role – not a good outcome
  5. Visibility at the convention and more – this is simply not good enough. Really, we traded whatever influence we had for a speech? Like I’ve said before, I love the guy and his policies, but all of this HAS to end up as more than just raising awareness. The time for talk is over, and the time for action is now
  6. Romney tells Paul that he will get one of the above, gets his delegates, then reneges on the deal – all of this money, sound and fury for squat. I don’t put this past him at all.

There are probably more, and I’d love to hear your take on this – what do you think Romney has promised the Paul people in order to tag team with him on the others? And if you’ve contributed to the Paul campaign, how would you feel if any of the above scenarios pan out – did you really think that Paul would be able to go all the way and win the nomination?

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