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I was on the phone this morning with a childhood friend. She and

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I grew up together, grew apart, got back in touch. The usual.

When we were young, we had ideals, as the young do. We were both sibling-less, and learned independence at a tender age. We needed no one – we could do it all on our own.

The jading of my initial ideals is well documented and can be found all over these here internets. But chatting with her this morning made me realize that though we had chosen different paths, in the end we have converged once more.

Our mothers fought for independence, while being married, raising kids and working part time. They could choose to work outside the home… or not. They were the first generation to have that option. In fact, they were the only generation to have that option.

Their mothers were housebound, due to lack of birth control, lack of time-saving appliances, and lack of government funded child warehousing schemes like schools and day cares.

My generation is locked out of the house, due to cost of living, and too much of the above.

  • Too many household gadgets at too high a price for one income
  • Too much birth control/abortion leading to men who feel they have no responsibilities, and therefore make no commitments
  • Too many government funded child warehousing schemes to pay taxes on

This was not the dream we were promised when they said we could be equal. No instead of sharing an equal burden with the men, we work twice as hard, having jobs as well as raising children at the same time – and often alone, because the men have wandered.

This led us to a very solemn conclusion about the origins of feminism:

Feminism was invented by a man.

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