Republican Candidate Hero Worship (As Seen on Twitter), Part One

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 I note on Twitter constantly the hero worship of political candidates. For the 2008 election, most of my ire was settled irrefutably on leftist voters worshiping the ground Obama deigned trod upon as though this newly-honored holy ground would somehow sprout and bring forth the Final Utopia—the nonexistent place whereby we will all be One, united in love and free money, healthcare and whatever else in a matter of only months. Anyone with a sense of integrity and reality grew weary of hearing this nonsensical tripe in no time at all.

Imagine my (non-)surprise as the end of The One’s first term approaches, and I find Republicans doing the same thing. Also, Libertarians. But the Republicans I’ve seen on Twitter are the easiest to take note of, as they are every bit as visible and irritating as those they lovingly refer to as “Paulbots.” To be clear, I’m not a Ron Paul supporter. But as a conservative, don’t bother complaining to me about the nature of the aforementioned “Paulbots” without first having a look-see at your mirror–or Twitter feed, as it were in this case.

Let’s discuss some of the irritants posted daily on Twitter per the Tweeter whose candidate of choice is their hero:

Any politician “owning” someone during a debate.

Nonsense. Politicians do not own one another, or any moderators, fancy quips be damned. They own us. Each moment of their debate is planned. Even if it isn’t strictly scripted, per sé, each word is calculated. And we are privy to constant flubs by said candidates when they go off script, or react out of their own belief systems, rather than respond according to plan. Is this a hero? There is little reason to respect anyone who is so fearful of their own beliefs as to make a mockery of themselves by “slipping” and spewing out something off track, and then, as we often see, backpedaling for ‘damage control.’ Speak your mind, not your script.

Applying the Emotional ‘Anyone but Obama‘ Reaction and Turning it Into Hero Worship.

True, we’re in a world of hurt in the West now, and Obama is the main culprit. Bush did it? Perhaps Bush started it. Obama is finishing. And finishing unencumbered by the trappings of Constitutional Law. This, however, is not a reason to blindly worship your Republican candidate of choice, and furthermore, when you emote with visceral reactions when your candidate’s flaws are pointed out, you look like the short-sighted fool you are in actuality. Emotion trumps reason in rare cases–and those cases should be especially rare when choosing political candidates to back.

 Inability to Accept a Candidate’s Lack of Leadership Qualities

Sure, your candidate says some nice things. May even win a debate here and there. But despite our fascination with pop culture, and our inability to separate our realities from our new, CGI-enhanced fictions, we still know a leader when we see them. Frankly, I see no leaders in our midst in the current crop of Republican candidates. Not Romney, not Gingrich and not Santorum. Each of them exhibit a few characteristics and a small modicum of charisma, but leaders? Hardly.

(And please, spare us all the nonsense about how these candidates haven’t had an opportunity to lead thanks to the MSM. Each of these candidates stepped into the MSM’s ring willingly, and allowed the debates to be maneuvered in the direction of the modern talking-points. Leaders don’t follow unless the path is worth following. Otherwise, they blaze their own path and consequences be damned, they lead. Yes, the MSM is corrupt, feckless and frankly boring as they spout talking points that walk candidates down a path to ruin. But these “leaders” step down the path as though it were the right thing to do, and herein lie much of what we need to know about how many leadership qualities they don’t possess.)

And there you have it, part one of this bit on hero worship. Stay tuned as, next time, we discuss more of the same.

For now, stop yourself before you tweet that fawning 140 character soliloquy on your Heroic Republican Candidate. You’re doing no one, including yourself, any favors.




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