New Tresspass Bill Attacks Free Speech

February 28, 2012   |  

OK, so I’m not too sure how trustworthy the source is, but this story seems legit, especially since I heard a lot of talk about this kind of thing after the Tucson shooting.

The US House of Representatives voted 388-to-3 in favor of H.R. 347 late Monday, a bill which is being dubbed the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011. In the bill, Congress officially makes it illegal to trespass on the grounds of the White House, which, on the surface, seems not just harmless and necessary, but somewhat shocking that such a rule isn’t already on the books. The wording in the bill, however, extends to allow the government to go after much more than tourists that transverse the wrought iron White House fence.

Under the act, the government is also given the power to bring charges against Americans engaged in political protest anywhere in the country.

I remember after Rep. Giffords was shot, there was a lot of talk about creating laws to make it illegal to carry a firearm within X amount of feet from a politician.  First of all, this assumes that the people in our government are in some way superior to the rest of us “common folk”.  I always thought it was “We the people”.  And secondly, this assumes that someone who is willing to break one law, would actually obey another law attempting to stop them from the first one.

The logic is so flawed, only a politician could think this stuff up.

Full story here.

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