Establishment Wins 2 More States

February 29, 2012   |   Tags: ,

Establishment frontrunner Mitt Romney handily won Arizona and narrowly won Michigan in yesterday’s Primaries. The establishment’s go-to “Other guy” in the race came in second in both states, as Santorum handily secured second place ahead of Gingrich in Arizona and Paul in Michigan, based on results posted by Wikipedia.

It’s looking like Romney may easily cruise to winning the nomination, as the rest are very far behind him in delegates at this point. It would be great if someone could fend Romney off enough to avoid an outright win, possibly giving Ron Paul some sway with him at the Convention.

So, we appear to be headed for another uninspiring election in November. Gary Johnson may be on the ballot, giving freedom-conscious people someone to vote for. However, he has very little chance of winning, meaning that we’ll have more of the same for another 4 years.

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