The Contraception Deception

March 2, 2012   |  

It seems that no matter what news channel I watch, or what radio station I listen to, everyone is going crazy talking about this who contraception issue.  It has gotten many conservative pundits to jump up and make the case for religious freedom and small government.  The same conservative pundits that threw a fit over a Muslim community center not to long ago, are now trying to school Americans on “religious freedom”.

However, they are right about this, and I absolutely agree that the government shouldn’t be forcing a group to go against it’s religious beliefs.  But what all these so-called “small government” conservatives seem to be missing is the fact that the government has no right forcing anyone provide any of these benefits.

This mindset seems to be typical for mainstream conservatives these days.  They say they want small government, but they only want it small in the areas where they feel it’s important.  I have yet to hear a single word from Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, or Sean Hannity about cutting all mandates of healthcare for businesses and organizations.  Yet they fill hours of airtime talking about how unconstitutional the contraception mandate is.

Obama and the Democrats are trying to distract the public from the real problems America faces this election by keeping up this charade, and it is working.  Not only is it working, but it’s showing us all that Republicans and mainstream conservatives have no intentions of downsizing and deregulating, only government growth in different areas.

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