Ron Paul Moves Into Third Place

March 5, 2012   |   Tags: , ,

A quick check on Wikipedia shows that Ron Paul edged out Rick Santorum for second place in Washington. He took 25 percent of the vote and is projected to take 10 delegates from the state, according to the site, placing him just ahead of Newt Gingrich for the first time since the early days of the Primaries.

The problem is that frontrunner Mitt Romney is projected to currently have 3.5 times as many delegates as Paul. This should be a big week in determining whether Romney will pull further from away from the pack or if another candidate will close the gap and make this a tight race. From tomorrow through Saturday, 14 states will vote and plenty more will do so later this month.

As far as the most realistic scenarios are concerned, I’d rather see Romney blow this thing wide open – but not enough to win outright – than Santorum catch up. Santorum reminds me of Bush. As it stands, neither will get my vote, but Romney could get my vote in the general election with Paul as his VP. Well, maybe…

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