Only gay kids get bullied: Part 7,649,528

March 6, 2012   |  

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h=”300″ height=”224″ />Mitchell Wilson wasn’t gay. First of all, he was 11 years old, so he shouldn’t have been thinking about sticking his dick into anything – male, female, canine or over-ripe fruit. Secondly, and even though there’s no way such a thing could ever lead to bullying, Mitchell Wilson was crippled. Crippled and dying slowly and painfully, actually.

And when some thug asshole kid beat up this little cripple and stole his iPod, Mitchell stopped venturing outside. He stayed inside, making his disability worse by not working his muscles. He wept. He lived in fear.

And he finally took his own life.

But Mitchell Wilson wasn’t gay. So who gives a fuck about him?

Only gay kids get bullied. Right?


The next time one of those terrible “It Gets Better” videos comes on, telling whining little queer kids that everything is going to be ok – for them – do yourself a favor: Pull out your .44 and Elvis the fuck out of your TV or computer.

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