International I Have A Vagina Day

March 8, 2012   |  

Women need a day, apparently. They can’t just get along, doing their thing, excelling on their merit. They – we – need to remind everyone about our genitalia and how it makes us special. Because of the Patriarchy!

We must stop all the useful questioning and problem-solving to prepare fluff that vag-centric peoples can consume without too much trouble to their pretty heads.

Let’s completely ignore that people are slaughtered daily in Mexico. Let’s instead focus on what’s really important!

It seems there aren’t enough women mayors in Mexico.

Could she run for mayor of Cuernavaca, the capital of Morelos State and a haven for Mexico City weekenders? Was there any chance she, a woman in a city whose institutions have long been dominated by men, could win? Hadn’t her mother always told her that she belonged at home?

“There were many sleepless nights,” said Ms. Domínguez, 54, a university professor and part of a vanguard of women seeking to run for mayor in a country where machismo, corruption and an insider political culture have kept them out. “I always believed I could do more. I can construct, transform this society.”

Then shut up and do it, you stupid bitch! Quit whining about your ovaries and get to work. Stop thinking that people will just hand you stuff because you’re an innie, not an outtie.

Here in the People’s Republic of Torontostan, we’ve been informed that minority women are under-represented in high-falutin positions. Lemme tell you that here in the ghetto, minority women get into all kinds of positions – most of which end in pregnancy. That’s a choice they’ve made. They could have learned to read instead, the stupid sluts.

Or better yet: How about instead of taking women’s studies and learning how to game the system in invented positions at race-and-gender-baiting organizations that serve no real function, they get math degrees or MBAs? Then they can run Hewlett Packard and Ebay. Or single-handedly build an empire of books.

The women linked above didn’t waste time whining. They didn’t sit before Congress asking for free shit. They didn’t hold a press conference on how hard it is not to have a penis. They shut the fuck up and did some solid work that earned them money and respect the world over.

Feminists told us that we shouldn’t want to be wives and mothers, because that made us prostitutes. So now we’ve eliminated the middle-man (the husband) and simply become prostitutes, calling that progress.

Here’s the bottom line, bitches: If you identify yourself by your cunt, don’t be surprised if you get called one.

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