Let’s Go Shooting

March 14, 2012   |  

I’m a big advocate of the second amendment and owning a firearm for personal defense (if you couldn’t tell from other posts).  But politics aside, target shooting is just plain fun.  If you’ve never been, I would strongly suggest you get a little training, go to your local range, and try out some of the rentals they have.  Enjoy your constitutional right and have a little fun at the same time.

For even more fun (and for those of you who just can’t separate guns from politics) go to bastardblasters.com and order yourself some Obama, Pelosi, or Sarah Palin clay targets.  Of all places, I heard about this site from the Huffington Post.  And despite their attempt to demonize these little toys, one look at one makes it obvious that they are simply a gag.

So if you want to have a little of fun, order a pack of these things and have a blast.  Now, if only they could make a set for our entire congress.

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