The Four Best Legal Arguments Against ObamaCare

March 25, 2012   |  

Another great article from Reason Magazine!  I know that many of you reading this would probably agree that there are plenty of good arguments against ObamaCare, but many of those arguments are based on opinion.  Sure we don’t want a healthcare system as slow and ineffective as Canada’s, and no self respecting libertarian (or conservative) wants their health to be controlled by Big Brother, but those arguments only make sense when you’re talking to someone else who believes that big government is bad.

For those out there who need better reasons to eighty-six ObamaCare, perhaps some based on the law of the land, Reason Magazine has got four big ones:

  1. The individual mandate threatens the foundations of contract law
  2. The individual mandate rests on and unbounded and unprincipled assertion of federal power
  3. The individual mandate can not be justified under existing supreme court precedent
  4. The individual mandate violates the original meaning of the constitution

I just had to italicize and bold that last one (which is actually number one in their article, as it was a “count down”).  You can ignore the first three and jump straight to the last one if you understand anything about the principles of the constitution.  The federal government has no business telling any citizen that in order to live in this country, they must buy a certain  product.

To read the whole article go here.

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