Some Democrats Are Getting It

March 30, 2012   |  


It’s refreshing to read an article that starts out like this:

As a young labor organizer in Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa worked for the city’s teachers, honing his political skills in the fight for a good contract. The union loved him back, supporting the Democrat’s election to the State Assembly, City Council and, finally, the mayor’s office he occupies today.

But now, Villaraigosa, a rising star in the national Democratic party, has a different view. He calls the teachers union “the one, unwavering roadblock” to improving public education in L.A.

I may disagree with Mr. Villaraigosa on everything else, but at least he’s starting to see the truth about our public education system.  And Villaraigosa is not alone, the rest of the article went on to talk more about Democrat mayors who are going against the teachers’ unions.  Of course, this may not be a case of politicians rebelling against their party norms.  What might really be happening is the teachers’ unions are doing so much to ruin education in this country that even some Democrats are starting to realize their real goals.

Either way, it’s a bit refreshing to see this.  Read more about it here

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