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What a crazy last few days. I’ve been presented with the sad and tragic death of Trayvon Martin. Simultaneously, I’ve been treated to an almost endless parade of race activists being marched in front me screaming about racial injustice, hate crimes and how whites have declared open season on blacks. Check out the star-studded cast of this racial-parasite Hall of Shame and you’ll see why my head is spinning. It includes Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton as the headliners as well as many others in supporting roles. The great thing is I didn’t even have to buy a ticket for this show.

And, like we all want from Hall of Shamers, they have delivered the goods.

“I, personally, really truly believe this is a hate crime,” said Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) in a joint interview with CBC Chairman Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) on CNN.

This statement, of course, comes before the investigation is complete. It is also shows Waters for the wind-bag she is. What Waters believes is irrelevant. It is what the investigation proves that is of importance. But if you’re a fan, it’s a “take that” moment.

Not to be outdone, Al Sharpton stated, “Trayvon represents a reckless disregard for our lives that we’ve seen too long. And we’ve come to tell you tonight: enough is enough.”

My question is, when he mentions “disregard for our lives” to who is he referring? All of humanity? American citizens? Or just blacks? And as smooth as a Hall of Shamer should be, in the same speech he called on “you business types, some of you preachers…” to, you guessed it, give up the green. I told you he’s got game.

And, last but certainly not least, there’s Jackson. “The danger of focusing on the hoodie is that he wasn’t killed because of the hoodie.” preached Jackson, in Eatonville, FL. “He was killed because he was black,” Jackson said. “The issue is not the hoodie — it’s race, registration and civil rights.”

Registration? Yes, as in voter registration. As in, if you feel Martin was killed because he was black, register to vote. Jesse brings it, man.

Clearly, the Trayvon Martin killing is a tragedy. Only the most base and callous would not concede this point. But for our Hall of Shamers to openly declare there is a hate crime involved or imply that whites have disregard for black lives or to state Martin was killed because he’s a black man, is, before the investigation is complete, buffoonery. These things might, ultimately, be true. But they may not. Wouldn’t Jackson, Sharpton, Waters and others be more credible if they stated concern now and then waited for some concrete evidence before they try and raise hell? Talking points, to me, are often much more powerful when supported by facts.

Speaking of facts, here are some homicide statistics I dug up.

The following statistics are taken directly from the Department of Justice. They deal with homicides perpetrated by both blacks and whites. They include homicides perpetrated against acquaintances as well as those perpetrated against strangers. They are cold, hard numbers spanning 30 years (1976 to 2005).

The first category we’ll look at is intraracial, acquaintance homicide. That is, homicides where the victim and the perpetrator knew each other to some degree and both were of the same race.

Intraracial, Acquaintance Homicides

Black perpetrator, Black victim: 98,281 or 3,276 average per year

White perpetrator, White victim: 88,320 or 2,944 average per year

Overall, the difference between a black killing a black acquaintance and a white killing a white acquaintance is 9,961 over 30 years. That’s about 331 per year or just under one per day. So the numbers regarding blacks killing blacks and whites killing whites are close.

Interracial Acquaintance Homicides

White perpetrator, Black victim: 5190 or 173 average per year

Black perpetrator, White victim: 10,509 or 350 average per year

So, over a 30 year span, government statistics show that blacks are more than twice as likely to commit homicide against a white acquaintance than whites are against black acquaintances.

Interracial Stranger Homicides

White perpetrator, Black victim: 3,515 or 117 average per year

Black perpetrator, White victim: 13,066 or 435 average per year

So, according to DOJ’s statistics, a black person is more than 3 times as likely to kill a white stranger than a white person is to kill a black stranger.

Interracial Homicides (acquaintance and stranger combined)

White perpetrator, Black victim: 8,705 or 290 average per year

Black perpetrator, White victim: 23,575 or 786 average per year

Total Black/White Interracial Homicides: 32, 280 or 1,076 average per year

Black perpetrator, White victim: 73%

White perpetrator, Black victim: 27%

So of all black/white interracial homicides, blacks perpetrate 73% and whites perpetrate 27% . Consider too, that the black population is smaller than the white population yet are responsible for a higher percentage of interracial homicides. And, not to be repetitive, but I must remind you these are statistics accumulated over 30 years. The numbers aren’t manipulated like someone with an agenda might do, to reflect a “bad 3 year window” or a “particularly tumultuous 2 year span” for either race. The statistics cover three decades. The numbers are there for all to see. Whites don’t kill blacks as often as blacks kill whites.

Based upon these government statistics, the claim that white Americans have declared open season on black Americans is a ridiculously false statement. Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton and any other race-parasites that promote such a concept are outright liars. But why? Are they so old and bitter they’re out of touch with modern race-relations? Are they ashamed of the facts and thus feel compelled to hide the truth? Or is it that they really don’t care what the reality is because they need to perpetuate the lies to turn a buck? Is it really about a horrific tragedy or a chance for some face-time?

Regardless of their personal motivations, it seems time we started clearing things up. Racial hatred exists, some blacks hate whites, some whites hate blacks, and perhaps these individuals always will. But these are individuals, not society as a whole, and these individuals have their very own unique outlooks,  motivations, and personal demons. It is the race-parasites that are the hate-mongers, not white America. It is groups like the NAACP and the democratic Black Caucus, that insist on separating themselves from society that continue to promote racial division. They craft and promote racial lies, foster extreme outlooks towards others, and practice separatism. This is, of course, racism. People and organizations that make their living from perpetuating lies about “us versus them” are not to be trusted. Nor are they to be respected.


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