The “Buffett Rule” Is Rejected

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The “Buffett Rule”, a tax hike defeated in the Senate yesterday, is the result of Democrats proclaiming it is unfair that the rich pay less taxes than us working stiffs. This claim isn’t necessarily true of course, as it depends strictly on an analysis of the individuals involved. But it makes for a great sound-bite. So too, having the vote timed with our tax deadline. And of course, Romney being a rich “fat-cat” is just icing on the cake. The “Buffett Rule” is projected to raise $47 billion over a decade. The problem is the government will run budget deficits somewhere in the range of $7 trillion during the same time span. So, how exactly, does the “Buffett Rule” help the cause? It doesn’t.

The “Buffett Rule” went down in flames yesterday because it is another worthless Democratic Party proposal, designed not to help America, but to fire up voters by appealing to, and perpetuating their victim-mentality outlook. It is the classic liberal blame-game. The problems with America are not Obama’s, or Democrats’. It’s the rich. Or it’s race. Or it’s Republicans. Or it’s capitalism. And when they really get desperate, they’ll actually blame earthquakes and civil unrest in other countries.

It is a fact that recent Republican administrations have strayed from core principles and severely over spent. As a result, the conservative movement, symbolized by the tea party, has rolled up it’s sleeves and started to dismantle the “republican-establishment” responsible for this.

However, it is also fact that the Democratic party has been responsible for the vast majority of policies that have led us to the cliff’s edge. But rather than manage their own house, they have decided to be deceitful and blame others. America’s issues will not be resolved by finger pointing. America’s issues will be resolved by busting government unions, overhauling of the tax code and re-designing the major entitlement programs with long-term solvency as the objective. The whining is adolescent. It is unproductive and will lead to a bad ending for Democrats later this year because like a crying baby at a buffet, the initial empathy is soon replaced with irritation.

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