Is Greece Our Future?

April 25, 2012   |  


I just finished reading a story about how Greece is cutting off welfare benefits for over 200,000 people.  Why?  Because many of these people already have jobs, or are dead.  Reading through the rest of the article was somewhat chilling.  With how often we hear learn about government incompetence here in the states, it would be stupid not to think that the same kind of welfare abuse happening in Greece is happening here.  Just think about how many dead people voted for Newt Gingrich in South Carolina, and then ask yourself, “I wonder how many dead people are getting paid welfare in this country right now.”

What’s even more interesting about this article is that it’s from the Huffington Post, and it’s actually quite honest.  The author makes a perfect case for why we should have very strict laws in place regarding any type of welfare system here in states, without actually making the argument.

The problem here is much bigger than welfare, however.  The problem in our own government is the massive amount of money being moved, with very little checks in place.  If we don’t hold our government accountable for this now, we will only begin to look more and more like Greece later on down the road.

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