Boobs and Breastfeeding

May 12, 2012   |  


Am I the only one who thinks the “controversy” over the recent Time magazine cover – featuring a mother breastfeeding her child – is completely manufactured?  It seems to me that there are much more provactive magazine covers out there, and that a woman using her breasts for their actual intended purpose is quite tame.  And yet, somehow the liberal media is still able to rile up a few prude conservatives by exploiting breast feeding as if it were something new.  I’ve never understood how something so normal and natural could be hijacked by the left as an advocacy issue.

And what about those uptight crybabies on the right?  The magazine cover has prompted many to tweet their opinions, and one of those tweets is a true gem from Ann Coulter: “Time mag cover: Liberals want animals to be people and people to be animals.” Even for someone who doesn’t believe in evolution, I figured she would at least understand that humans are animals.

All heckling aside, in a free society this magazine cover should be a total non issue. Shame on liberals for trying to turn it in to controversy, and shame on conservatives for taking the bait.

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