The War Protester: A Dying Breed

June 11, 2012   |  

Back in ’04, I remember going to downtown Columbus often and running in to all sorts of anti-Bush war protesters.  One particular area near the middle of OSU campus was continuously occupied by people who, just like myself, were not at all pleased with the foreign policy George W. Bush was carrying out.  Although I was never one to spend my time publicly protesting, and although I probably didn’t agree with those folks on too much else, I still applauded their efforts to exercise their freedom of speech.

This weekend I drove past that same spot only to see just two lonely protesters calling for an end to the wars.  Eight years later, with even more wars being waged, and somehow the anti-war movement has dissipated to such a small group of people.  One has to wonder what happened.

It should not take long however, to come to the conclusion that there never was an anti-war movement.  Sure, there was – and still is – a small group of people who want America to adopt a non-interventionist foreign policy.  But all those large scale, supposedly “anti-war” marches and protests across the country, were nothing more than demonstrations of a much bigger movement: The anti-Bush movement.

Consider the fact that Obama’s foreign policies have brought us in to more conflicts, without actually ending any current ones.  You would think this would be cause for more protests, but somehow those same people who protested Bush, are able to simply ignore Obama’s atrocities.

I wonder what they’ll say about Romney if he inherits all of Obama’s wars?

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