Will Gary Johnson Split the GOP Vote?

June 22, 2012   |  

I have posted about this before, and I often get the same response that the Libertarian Party will only take votes away from the Republican candidate. Statistically speaking,, the number of people who have changed from D to L, versus those who went from R to L, are actually close to the same.  Libertarians have always stood for principles that are appealing to both liberals and conservatives – Republicans and Democrats – alike.

So my answer to the title question is no, Gary Johnson will not split the GOP vote.  Gary Johnson will represent a group of disenfranchised voters who would rather vote for someone they support, than vote against someone they don’t.  Case in point, former Democratic Party press secretary, Terry Michael:

“With that partisan pedigree, I am about to become an apostate. I am going to do what I think the founder of the Democratic Party, the classical liberal Thomas Jefferson, might consider doing this year. I am going to vote for former Republican New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, now the Libertarian Party candidate for president.”

His entire statement can be read here.

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