What do the Gays really want?

June 25, 2012   |  

In studying the history of the marriage institution, we’ve determined marriages are for the purpose of extending families and societies for another generation. We’ve learned that love is not the basis for a marriage as we don’t have sex with those we love and that unconditional love for a spouse (mating partner) takes time to develop.

History also shows that in those societies where gay relations were common and openly accepted, none of them considered the idea of same sex marriages because they understood what the marriage institution was all about. They understood that a sex-like act with someone of the same sex isn’t really sex because it can’t produce children. No more than a back or foot massage would. It’s nothing more than a physical pleasure. Our ancestors knew this and so do we.

So why are some people pushing for same sex marriage? What do these people really want? Ah ha, the benefits. They want the same benefits given to those who are willing and able to provide our society with another generation of people. Just another group of people wanting something for doing nothing.

By the way, not all gays endorse the idea of same sex marriages. They are many gays who fully understand the principles, fundamentals and the purpose of the marriage institution and want it to remain as is. These are good people who want to exercise their right to be gay but don’t want something for nothing just because they chosed to be gay.

Speaking of marital benefits, it’s obvious that over the years our politicians have added a lot of needless stuff to the marriage institution. By this I mean they added things that don’t pertain or had used the marriage institution to resolve other issues that should have been addressed elsewhere. I often think the politicians have forgotten the basic fundamentals of marriages. Such add-on laws are, in part, responsible for confusing our society as to what marriages are really about.

With so much unnecessary stuff piled on, many straight couples get married with prenuptial agreements. They don’t agree with the way our marriage laws have been distorted so they write their own. With that said, I encourage each state to review their existing marriage laws and remove all the unrelated and unnecessary crap. By the way, some of that crap is what the same sex marriage people are after.

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