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July 8, 2012   |  

After the Supreme Court’s ruling on Health Care, we now know that all branches of our government are completely (blanked) up. We can no longer rely on Washington DC to protect our constitution and our guaranteed liberties. It’s up to us, we the people, to fix all that is broken and take back what is ours.

But rather than fighting issues, we really need to focus on what caused these problems and fix that. Like any good doctor, we cure by getting rid of the disease, not by treating the symtoms. Over the next ten weeks, I’ll blog about the top ten diseases ailing our government and discuss the proper medications. For now, here’s a sneak preview.

1 ) Spinach Party, know your political principles and stand on them.

2 ) Repeal Amendment 17, give our states their voices back.

3 ) Resize our Congressional districts back to Thirty Thousand.

4 ) Repeal Admendment 16, which gave the IRS unconstitutional powers to inforce.

5 ) Dump the Federal Reserve System and go back to the Gold Standard.

6 ) Apply the Baltimore Principles at all levels of government.

7 ) Reexamine and fix the Electoral College as well as the way judges are appointed.

8 ) Enforce Amendment 10 and dump all implied powers.

9 ) Adopt a set of principles for Foreign Policy and the four basic Freedoms.

10 ) Get rid of all political party activities within the walls of all governments.

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