Condi Rice For VP? What Does That Tell You…

July 13, 2012   |  
Rice For VP? Please…

When I heard this my initial thought was – sure – if you assume that the American people are so shallow as to put the fact of someone race and gender is an important decision point. Are we still at that point in our history  where we can say these things matter? That it is important to hire a black or a Latino (Rubio) or an Asian (Jindal) or a woman or a disabled person, and that fact is more important than whether or not they will uphold the constitution?

Are we still saying that the reason we are more likely to pick someone is because of the color of their skin, or whether they’ve got lady parts? Jesus. If that the case, we are obviously not a meritocracy yet, likely never will be – if you think about it it’s not that far removed from voting for someone because they have a better haircut.

Welcome to politics in America – where the trivial is important and the icebergs are ignored.

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