It’s Officially the End of the Line for Ron Paul

July 14, 2012   |  

We all knew a couple of months ago that Mitt Romney had secured the delegates needed to get the presidential nomination for the Republican party, but many of us Ron Paul supporters were hanging in there.  The idea was that even if Paul could not get enough delegates to take the nomination, he could at least collect enough to get himself an important speaking position at the GOP convention in Tampa come August.  ABC news is reporting that this is no longer possible:

Supporters of the libertarian GOP presidential candidate fell short at the Nebraska GOP convention, where they had hoped to out-organize Mitt Romney’s delegates and push Paul over a critical threshold that would have ensured him an official presence and speaking slot at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., in August.

As the last state where Republicans will hold a convention in which delegates are up for grabs, Nebraska represented the last chance for Paul’s supporters.

Instead, Nebraska Republicans elected a slate of Mitt Romney delegates to represent the state in Tampa. Paul’s supporters won only two of Nebraska’s 35 national delegates, according to Laura Ebke, who leads the Nebraska chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus and who has led Paul supporters’ effort to win delegates in the state.

While I support groups who are trying to change the GOP from within like the Republican Liberty Caucus, I still find it very hard to muster any support for the Republican party right now.  If Ron Paul is shut out of the convention once again, it will assure me that the GOP has had it with any more talk of liberty and peace.  They worked so hard to silence Ron Paul throughout his multiple runs for president, and now it seems they will finally win.

Where do we go from here?

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