Texas Police Bullying Children

July 28, 2012   |  
We’re all safer with less Facebook fraud

Don’t get me wrong, children who bully other children should be punished.  But I don’t think that locking a couple of pre-teens up on the grounds of a ridiculous law is necessary to teach them a lesson.  The great state of Texas seems to disagree with me:

Two Texas girls–ages 12 and 13–were arrested earlier this month and charged with online impersonation, a third-degree felony, for creating a fake Facebook account under the name of another student at their school.  According to the Student Press Law Center, which investigated the girls’ arrest, officials in Hood County, Texas, are refusing to say whether the girls (who were arrested July 16) are still being detained. The center’s reporting suggests that the girls have been behind bars for more than a week for the crime of pranking a fellow student on Facebook.

With all the wonderful things I hear about Texas (like no state income tax), I have to say that I am quite shocked to hear that “online impersonation” is a third-degree felony there.  Then again, with the technological threat of identity theft possible these days, it doesn’t seem completely useless.  But should police be abusing a law meant to protect people’s bank accounts to simply teach a couple of little girls a lesson?

If you ask me the real bullies in this case are those who abuse the law fore the sole purpose of looking tough.

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