Pitchfork Wielding Farmers Hold ‘Pitchfork Protest’ to Protest Government Goons Objecting to a Child’s Birthday Party

August 10, 2012   |  

I love civil disobedience and citizen anger over ‘Government Gone Wild’. Last week it was a story about a Vermont farmer who flattened 5 police cruisers with his tractor because the police arrested him for possession of pot, here.

This week a group of angry Virginia farmers showed up with their pitchforks to protest the government threatening a farmer with arrest and $5,000 in fines for the ‘crime’ of holding a child’s birthday party.

Pitchfork-wielding Virginia farmers rally against birthday party fine

Pitchfork-wielding Virginia farmers rallied to support a woman who claims local officials came down on her for, among other things, hosting a children’s birthday party on her spread.

Martha Boneta, owner of Liberty Farms in the northern village of Paris, was threatened with nearly $5,000 in fines when for selling produce and crafts and throwing unlicensed events, including a birthday party for her best friend’s child. She told FoxNews.com she wasn’t doing anything are farmers haven’t done for generations, and at a recent zoning board meeting,

Civil disobedience occurs when citizens protest that they’ve had enough of government, its goons and its draconian authority.  America desperately needs a gazillion mega dose of civil disobedience.  If American citizens themselves don’t put the government in its place and let the government know in no uncertain terms that We the People create and own the government for the protection of our rights, then we have no rights and are forced to live in fear of the government and under tyranny.

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