You Can’t Change The Party From Within

August 25, 2012   |  
You Can’t Change The Party From Within

Thanks to the fact that several states have caucuses that prevent all-out mob rule from taking over, candidates like Ron Paul have been able to have a voice and make great progress for liberty-minded voters this year.  Even though he did not win the nomination, he proved to his own party that there is a growing moving that would like to see more libertarian ideas being promoted by the GOP.  Many of his supporters who are too proud to actually vote for a Libertarian this November are planning on casting their votes for Romney, in hope that they can some how begin to change the GOP from with in.  Fat chance.

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign successfully pushed a rule change through the GOP convention rules committee Friday that would prevent future insurgent party movements, like that of Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), from gaining support through an arcane state convention process and reversing the results of a statewide popular vote.

The rule seeks to stop activists from exploiting the multi-tiered selection process that happens mostly in caucus states, such as Iowa, where Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney were the first- and second-place finishers in the popular vote on Jan. 3, but Paul ended up winning most of the delegates to the national convention.

I imagine this is Mitt Romney’s way of saying “Boy, that was a close one”.  Ron Paul hung in the race to the very end, even after Romney had secured his delegates, Paul continued to collect his own in hopes of locking in an influential speaking spot at the convention.  Apparently Romney and his clan would rather not see anyone stirring the pot like this in the future.

It’s time for those “libertarian-conservatives” in the GOP to jump ship and let the party sink.

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