The GOP’s New Platform is Nothing New

August 28, 2012   |  
Honest Leaders Need Not Apply

According to Twitter, near chaos has ensued at the RNC with regards to new rules and platform changes being voted on.  It appears that despite an equal yea-to-nay vote, John Boehner clearly went against the Ron Paul delegates without hesitation.  It doesn’t seem like much of a surprise to me, but apparently to organizations such at FreedomWorks and GOP Proud, this is a major let down.

But the new rules and (slight) changes in the party platform only help remind us of the kind of politicians who align with the GOP.  While many of those who consider themselves “Republican” may truly believe in small government and personal responsibility, this is rarely the case for politicians who campaign under the GOP banner.  If anyone needs any more convincing just look at Mitt Romney.  Republican voters and Republican politicians are two very different animals, and the most recent GOP platform appears to be widening the gap.

So in reality nothing is new with the GOP.  The party is simply learning to accept that their candidates and politicians are corporate welfare statists who care way too much about what people do with their personal lives.  The GOP is caving in on itself and it’s only a matter of time before the same happens with the Democrat party.

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