Romney: Just Words, Not Deeds

August 31, 2012   |  
Romney: Just Words, Not Deeds

I tell you – I didn’t want to watch any of the Republican convention, but for some reason, I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. I don’t know what I was expecting to hear – maybe some small nod to true freedom and liberty. I watched a number of the speeches on YouTube, and then stayed for the repeat of Marco Rubio and Mitt himself.

Good words. Some even great words. When Rubio stood up there and said “what we are getting today in America is what we all fled from” I could hear him echoing almost perfectly something that I’ve said for years – why do we continue to try to become more and more like the countries our immigrants flee from? We flee from the high taxes, the crushing lack of freedom, the lack of opportunity. Why are we hell bent on destroying what made America unique?

Heard some good words from Romney and Ryan as well. But here is my problem. These are just words. If you look at the actual deeds of these people, then you see a very different story. Look at the pattern for Obamacare and you see Romney’s hand. Look at Ryan’s voting record and you see votes for TARP etc. Compare and contrast the words and deeds of someone like Ron Paul – if nothing else he is totally congruent – deeds match words.

We’ve been fooled in the past by politicians with good even great words. Considering the way us libertarians, conservatives and Tea Partiers in the grass roots were frozen out with rules changes – again deeds over words – I don’t think that they really want input from liberty activists. They just want to steal our words in order to fool everyone into thinking that they really will take us back to free speech, free markets and limited government. Kinda makes you want to not vote for either of them, doesn’t it.

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