The Leadership Difference Between Romney And Obama

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Last night, when Mitt Romney gave his acceptance speech there were plenty of cheers from a devoted audience. However, the speech didn’t soar and it certainly won’t go down in the record books as an all-time great. But it doesn’t have to.

Since naming Paul Ryan as their VP selection, Team Romney has stated that they wanted to draw a sharp contrast between Romney/Ryan and Obama/Biden. Last night Mitt Romney did that.

Romney’s main thrust was to remind Americans of America. He reminded us that pursuing excellence is a good thing. He reminded us that part of the magic of America is her ability to allow individuals to move up the economic ladder. America is unique because, when managed correctly, it can help its citizens succeed. In America, providing for your family is more noble and honorable than having the government do it. Romney is about helping the citizenry to excel.

“President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet. My promise,” he said with a pause, “is to help you and your family.”

This is a far cry from Obama’s view of America, where the government is and the citizen’s are not. Obama’s America is evil. As soon as he finishes apologizing for her behavior, he beats her with a stick to put her in her place because of some grandiose idea that he knows best. Obama is the worst kind of leader, a narcissist with a teenager’s know-it-all attitude.

And because he knows it all, without the consent of the people — his actual employers — he has taken it upon himself to change her values to closer match his disturbingly bent ones. You didn’t build your business, the government did. Your money isn’t yours, it’s the government’s. You are not capable of anything positive or productive, only the government is. Here, worthless peasant, take your check, buy some food and slip back into the oblivion that I provide for you. Within a land uniquely founded on the principle that it is the people that push this country forward, Obama’s outlook is sick and twisted.

Last night Romney polished off four years of Obama tarnish and showed us the silver coin still exists.

But Romney didn’t hack and slash at Obama. The tone of his speech was more of communicating disappointment with Obama’s presidency, almost as if Romney himself had voted for Obama. Despite Obama’s “hope and change” rhetoric, Romney pointed out, America is not better off than it was four years ago.

“You know there’s something wrong with the kind of job he’s done as president when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him.”

Romney’s speech was a success because it highlighted the differences between himself and Obama. Romney is a businessman, Obama is not. As a businessman, Romney understands he must surround himself with qualified people dedicated to achieving positive results. His selection of Paul Ryan is an example of this. This is a much different approach than Obama and his myriad political robots that are unable to do anything but march to directives from central planning.

Romney is obviously not as perfect as presented by a highly choreographed convention. But he does seem intent on restoring dignity to the people and to the office of the presidency. Obama, meanwhile, wallows in the depths of adolescent behaviors like name-calling and miss-directed blame and, by contrast, seems selfish, petty and small.

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