Kenneth William Basnicki: A Canadian killed on 9/11

September 11, 2012   |  

When I was RightGirl, writing at, I promised the families of Teddy Maloney and Ken Basnicki that I would post these tributes for as long as the blog existed. Though GOTR still exists, I have long since sold it. I thank Chris and the gang here at Freedom Bunker for giving me a place to pay tribute to the men who were murdered, just for the crime of going to work in America.


Ken Basnicki was a Toronto man, a husband, and a father of two. He was Financial Marketing Director for BEA Systems. In New York for a business meeting, he was last seen on the 106th floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Some remains have been recovered. There is a grave in Collingwood, Ontario, at St. Mary’s Cemetery. He was one of 24 Canadians killed on September 11, 2001, by Al Qaeda terrorists.

Those are the facts. But they don’t really tell us much about the man, do they? The facts don’t tell us that he loved his Harley. They don’t tell us that the reason his memorial is in Collingwood is because that’s where he built his dream home for he and his wife Maureen. They don’t tell us that, even though he was 48 years old, he was a fanatical snowborder! He also golfed and skied.

The facts tell us that he had a son, Brennan, and a daughter, Erica. They don’t tell us how much he cared about them, and how they felt in the wake of his death. The facts don’t tell us of his dreams cut short, or of their nightmares.

Maureen and Erica are currently petitioning the Canadian government to pass legislation allowing victims of terrorism to sue the countries and organizations involved in terror, in order to financially cripple them. I wish these brave ladies well.

Ken’s last contact with this world was in a cellphone call to his mother at 8:55 am, just 9 minutes after the plane struck the tower, to tell her that the place was full of smoke and he didn’t think he’d find a way out.

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