Thuggery in the name of Obama

September 29, 2012   |  
He coulda been Obama’s son!

I don’t recall street gangs having names like Bush Boyz or Reagan’s Raiders. But when America’s first post-racial president is in charge, fuelling divisions in ways they’ve not been fuelled since the 60s, this shouldn’t surprise anyone.

A St. Louis teen who authorities say is a member of a gang called the “Obama Boyz” has been charged with two shootings on Saturday.

Anthony Jamal Lee, 18, fired at a group of people from the window of a Grand Prix at 2:17 p.m., according to charges. A 13-year-old boy was struck in the side of his body and had to be hospitalized; a 17-year-old boy was grazed by bullets on his face and arm.

Lee, according to authorities, then fired from his car at two passengers in another Grand Prix, grazing one of them in the back.

Obama Boyz? We’ll overlook the deliberate illiteracy, and focus on the fact that Obama apparently has truly inspired black youth in America.

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