Why I’m Voting for Gary Johnson

October 9, 2012   |  

Gary Johnson is not Ron Paul but who is? Still, he’s the strongest liberty candidate in the presidential race and by a wide margin which makes Gary Johnson a gazillion times better than Obushma or Mittens.

I’m voting for Gary Johnson because a vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for liberty. There is no way on God’s green earth that I could ever vote for a Goldman Sachs owned warmongering socialist statist puppet. I fully grasp that the RNC and DNC machines are wholly owned subsidiaries of the banksters, defense contractors, military industrial complex, prison industrial complex and fascist rent seeking crony capitalists.

America desperately needs peace, liberty and prosperity, without which we will surely be sucked into the black hole of permanent extinction and join all the other failed empires throughout history.

I don’t believe that Gary Johnson will win the election. In fact, I don’t believe that he stands any chance whatsoever of winning. However, there are many perfectly valid and sane reasons to vote for Gary Johnson.

1. A vote for Gary Johnson is vote for liberty and the outright rejection of the corrupt to the core Republicans and Democrats.

2. A vote for Gary Johnson will definitely keep the liberty movement alive, kicking and thriving.

3. A vote for Gary Johnson is a real kick in the teeth to the smug R’s and D’s who are convinced that liberty activists are powerless at the ballot box. Yet, we have far more ballot box power than we think we have and we have at least enough ballot box power to stop the GOP from winning by relentlessly pounding them in critical swing states. The Republicans won’t be so smug when they realize that they lost the election by 1-2 points in the swing states because of the Libertarian vote.

4. A vote for Gary Johnson screams ‘We’re here, we’re politically active and we ain’t quitting until we are free from endless wars, the banksters and tyranny’. The R and D establishment is banking on the hope that we are so demoralized and weak that we will just opt out of political activism and give up.

5. A vote for Gary Johnson or any third party absolutely threatens the two-party election monopoly and the rise of 3rd parties is a direct challenge to political corruption.

6.  A vote for Gary Johnson is a vote to continue the Ron Paul Revolution for peace, liberty and prosperity and a total rejection of wars and statism.

According to Wikipedia, here, voter turnout in 2008 was a pathetic 57%.  In 1840, the voter turnout was 80%.  Voter turnout in recent decades reached a high of 63% in 1960, JFK’s historic election.

The totalitarian thugs who lord over us are quite happy when folks refuse to vote or become politically active because it’s proof that we just don’t care enough to fight the tyranny, plunder and injustice.  As it becomes increasingly apparent that the option is now slavery or liberty, America desperately needs another Revolution.

A vote for Gary Johnson is a Revolution.

Checkout Gary Johnson on the issues, here.

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