The Left’s New Narrative Says Romney Is A Liar

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Liberals all across America started to pout or cry as soon as they realized their savior was getting his butt beat during the debate. And as soon as official team Obama representative Stephanie Cutter got in front of a camera, the campaign’s official poop-fits began. Of course, this was after huddling in a backroom trying desperately to come up with spin to save face. They had to — Obama was a disgrace. Cutter was clearly shocked, disappointed and agitated. She pouted throughout the entire post-debate interview. Candidly, her childish performance was every bit as bad as Obama’s meek and meandering debate.

But eventually the opportunity presented itself. When asked for her thoughts about what occurred on stage she conceded Romney won on style but lost on substance because he lied.

Think back for a moment. First, the Left claims Romney is not a good businessman. When some Democrats — Bill Clinton among others — went off message and said he was, then he’s a good businessman but an evil out-sourcer. When that got proven inaccurate, he was called a job destroyer because he had to close some plants. And that makes him a murderer because when you close a plant, people lose health insurance and die. He has been called a tax cheat. Then a felon. And now he is a liar.

Google Romney lied during the debate or something along those lines and you’ll see that this is the new narrative adopted by the Left.

Campaign Advisor Robert Gibbs sang the tune. So too, Margie Omero and countless Lefty talking heads. In Denver, the day after the debate, Obama got in on the act, though with a softer choice of words, when he implied Romney wants to “dance around his positions.” By the way, just for the record, Obama used a teleprompter during his rebound speech.

Liberals even reference the “Romney is a liar” bit when they discuss Obama’s poor effort. Talking about new debate strategies, David Plouffe, who ran his 2008 campaign stated “We just need to account for Romney’s dishonesty.”

Indeed, because of his shock at Romney’s lies, Obama went virtually comatose. That’s right, crusaders, Obama got it handed to him because Romney is a big, fat liar.

There are reports that team Obama has approached the Commission on Presidential Debates for a do-over. And if they don’t get one, they’ve threatened to hold hands in the Oval Office and chant liar, liar, pants on fire, until they do.

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