Why Biden’s Debate Performance Will Help Republicans

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It is going to be interesting to see how America — specifically independents, women and casual political followers — respond to Joe Biden’s debate performance. Odds are it won’t be a positive response. In fact, many people will probably be shocked. What they saw last night, what they learned from Biden’s behavior, is that this is the modern politics of the Democrat party.

Consider for a moment the following party members — Joe Biden, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Maxine Waters. What do they all have in common? They are all loud, obnoxious, and divisive. Hypocritical would apply. Rude, too. How about Democrats like Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid — what word would apply to all of them? Disingenuous? Deceitful? No doubt, you can think of a few words yourself. The casual political observer probably hasn’t been exposed to this attitude change. Biden showed it to them last night. All the mocking, sneering and blustering came at them large as life — Joey-B brought it — in color and Hi-Def.

And it was ugly. And sad.

Biden seemed like that old man that still thinks he possess the fire. But because his arguments are as dated as he is, he is forced to resort to interrupting, blustering and fake disdain. Consequently, the fighting spirit he wants you to think he has comes across a rudeness. It persuades only those that allow themselves to be fooled by a hollow politician with an empty message.

The party abandoned pursuit of good government policy with FDR in the 1930’s. The obsessive push for easy votes through entitlements, now some seven decades later, has left the Democrats with little or nothing to say about good governing. Democrats are no longer able to analyze or articulate policy beyond a three word slogan more fit for a bumper sticker than political discourse. This administration’s record, of course, makes that reality all the worse.

This is the politics of modern Democrats. They must use a raised voice during discourse, as if volume adds credibility. They resort to sneers of contempt, not because they truly feel it, but because they hope their insincere body language will influence you as their tired slogans will not. They finger point to intimidate, roll their eyes to invalidate and incessantly interrupt in hopes of stopping valid ideas from being expressed.

And after all this petty posturing fails, as it always does when one lacks valid arguments, they resort to name calling as if they were on the grade-school playground. Wasn’t it President Obama that stated he felt the Republican party is full of bitter hard-Right bigots that spend all their time thumping their bibles and cleaning their guns? Over the course of the last six or seven months, Mitt Romney has been a flip-flopper, a tax cheat, an out-sourcer, a felon, a murderer and now, as of the last debate, he’s a liar.

Because Democrats have dedicated virtually all their political energy to buy votes with entitlements, they have virtually no valid argument for any pressing issue. As it has been for too many decades, their job plan is to hire more unions workers. As if 10,000 more teachers or 12,000 more bumbling bureaucrats at Central Planning will pull the country out of its tailspin. Their answer to fixing the federal budget is to ignore it. The Senate, controlled by Democrats, hasn’t submitted a budget in three years. The trillion dollar yearly deficits can’t be a spending problem as Democrats must spend money to buy votes. Therefore, it has to be an income problem. The solution, as always, is to raise taxes. Except they spend so much money, even if passed, the tax hike would pay for a week of government. Now there’s a long term solution.

Consider for a moment the 2010-11 narrative that the “tea-party is extreme”. Remember that onslaught? After they got their asses kicked all over the country in the 2010 mid-terms, Democrats, desperate for validity, tried to derail the conservative movement. Overnight, article after article, speech after speech and interview after interview referred to conservatives as racists. Maxine Watters said the tea party could go straight to hell. And if memory serves — and it does — it was Andre Carson, that said tea party folks want blacks “hanging on a tree”.

All this comes from the party that is so reliant on buying votes they want a government agency on every street corner and a bureaucrat in every home. Only a Democrat would claim pushing for a balanced budget or governing via the Constitution are extreme positions. This is the party that passes laws before they are written, voted to remove God from their political platform, and support the “occupy” movement. Ask yourself, what political party is actually extreme?

Beyond the obvious, the problem with substituting sincere ideas with inflammatory comments is they do nothing to push forward political discourse. They are a waste of everyone’s time. Devoid of any views on governing – unless they expand entitlements or line the pockets of unions — liberals and progressives are forced to try and discredit all other ideas.

So Biden went on national television and successfully did what conservatives, without support of the media-Left, have struggled to do. He showed America what Democrats actually are without teleprompters, controlled interviews and prepared remarks.

Thanks, Joe, we appreciate the help.

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