Binders Full of Women? Seriously?

October 18, 2012   |  
Binders Full Of Women? Seriously?

Wow, it’s not often that I’m right, but only a few days ago I figured that the only way that Obama would be able to save himself was to latch on to some internet meme and try to tide that to victory. Forget about the debt, forget about terror attacks, forget about attempts to take over the internet and crush free speech, forget about the Halo style-drone kills Obama himself seems to get a thrill out of – here they are literally using an internet meme to paper over one of the most dismal records in history. It’s not really too far from Obama rolling around on the floor of the Oval Office with kittens, now is it? If you ask me, this election won’t even be close – and its not really Obama v. Romney, its Romney v.s Obama’s record, and every time near anyone looks back over the last four years, how can they possibly say that they want more of the same?

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