An Obama Win Means The Takers Will Outnumber The Producers

October 19, 2012   |  
The Takers Will Outnumber The Producers

When Romney mentions the 47% who take from the government he is stating a fact, that is the percent of Americans who get free stuff from the government. When you are getting free stuff, why would you vote to stop getting free stuff? Makes sense, right? So everyone says, I guess he just dissed half the country. That not the point. The point is, how did we get to this point, that nearly half the country and soon more than half the country will be takers?

What will happen when the takers outnumber the producers? More and more of the producers hard earn money will be stolen from them in order to support the takers. More and more producers will shrug, shut down their businesses, or refrain from starting them.

Revenues will drop, so taxes on the produces will have to increase more and more. Redistribution accelerates. And soon, there will be nothing to redistribute.

As Thatcher once famously said, “Socialism is great until you run out of other people’s money”

When the number of takers overtakes the number of producers, that really will be the end of America – there will no end to the redistribution since the numbers of takers will simply accelerate exponentially – the producers will have no choice but to either shoulder more and more burden until they expire – or flee to some country with a freer market.

This is the choice we have before us: with an Obama win – the redistribution will simply accelerate, our destruction will accelerate. I have some faith that liberty activists and free market advocates can and will retake the agenda of the Republican Party, should it win, and move us further towards free and open speech and markets.

Some of my readers disagree – that both parties are just as corrupt – and there is no way to change things from within. I have the opposite view – the way this system is designed – we have to change the system from within. Therefore, we need to infect one party or another with our ideas – then drive those ideas forward and eventually flood that party with those ideas – this was Ron Paul’s strategy, and is Rand Paul’s strategy (note his criticism of Romney’s foreign policy)

As was the point of this blog – lets UNITE to drive socialism out of this country, once and for all – and bring us back to those ideals we ALL hold dear, free speech, free markets and limited government.

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